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Question A/C Question

I have an '02 GMC Sierra 1500HD SLT Crew Cab 4X4 with the 6.0 Vortec gas engine. My A/C does not blow cold enough. On days that are below 70 degrees (few and far between in Central FL) the thing cools pretty well, but still not where I prefer and below 70 is not exactly when I need the cold air. On the above 70 degree days, it just blows cool air, not cold. I have taken it into the dealership for several other warranty issues and every time I ask them to make the A/C colder. The answer I get is that it is within normal operating specifications. I know that it is capable of blowing colder. I have experienced it in exactly the same model truck before in addition to countless other vehicles. The '01 Ford I traded in on this GMC blew cold enough air to hang meat inside. What can I do or tell the dealership to get them to get the air to MY specifications? I have a feeling that if I were paying for this service I would get different results. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Originally Posted by Far From Handy
What can I do or tell the dealership to get them to get the air to MY specifications?
Yeah, right......

Stick a thermometer into the middle vent and run the system on max and high blower. It should be able to reach around 50* once the interior ambient temp stabilizes. If it does, then they are right.
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you could...

...ask them just exactly what the specs are because the manufacturer provides them with performance specs based on ambient temp and humidity. desi is right about "your specs"...sorry but you can't just demand for something to be the way you think it should and that will turn them off to your plight faster than anything. checking the outlet air temp is also right at the center vent while cruising and after the system has stabilized is what they should do to determine cooling efficiency. if your truck falls within the acceptable range for the givin temp and humidity combination for that day, you're stuck with it...if not, you have some ammo to fight back with. but...i would most assuredly ask for a copy of the performance chartwith which they should be judging your a/c performance.

PS...my wife drives a 2000 chevy tahoe with a 5.3 and it will flat run you out...altho occasionally the temp door motor acts up...but eh refrigeration system works very well.
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