Best one step car wash??


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Best one step car wash??

Hi All:

This question is not directly for me but I have a friend who keeps asking me what I think the best one step car washing product is.

Any one here have any votes? He loves washing his car which is a 99 Camry in very good shape but he doesn't want to spend a whole day washing and waxing.

He is realistic enough to know that at its age keeping it clean on a regular basis is the best way to keep it in shape.

If you have any ideas I can pass along I appreciate it.

Thanks a mil.
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Any quality brand should suffice.I personally feel that taking the time to apply paste wax once a month is the best practice to maintain a finish.The rest of the month just wash it.
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I'm with davo
A cleaner wax really does not take all day, it shouldn't take more than an hour (maybe two if you're a beginer or have a large vehicle)
I have tried many one step wash/wax but the come nowhere near the shine, protection, and don't last nearly as long as a paste after wash (2 step)
With a quality cleaner wax you may even get more than a month

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