Water leaking ??


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Question Water leaking ??

1993 Dodge, Spirit
4 Clylinder
About 500 miles from turning over for the first time.

Three weeks ago I have a new muffler put on and just the one pipe to the muffler and now I had put in a new radiator.
I had a new radiator put in cuz is was leaking and showed mostly when I turned. I know it was antifreeze cuz it was sticky and green. Got new radiator in and that was that. But now......... when I drive and turn the car like to park, I see the same type drippings as when it dripped antifreeze but it is clear, not sticky, It tastes like nothing. (Water) At first I thought it was the air conditioner dripping like it does and should after running it but today I did not use the A/C. Drove less than 1/2 mile and parked and I saw the drips. Now... it can't the the water pump cuz it would be antifreeze that would drip. I though maybe I have a crack in the windshield fluid container............ Can't tell. I guess I should let it run till it has no more fluid in it to see. It is just weird that the same type dripping is happening from the day I had the new radiator put in. Now........ it has rained here for 3 days but stopped yesterday. I don't think that the car somewhere under the hood is holding rain water cuz this only seems to happen when the engine is on. Now I looked under the car and I saw the fluid/water dripping from the bar that goes across the front that connects to the 2 front wheels. (Tie rods?) Anyway, whatever is dripping seems to be dripping on this bar for it has like a 3" width and that is where I see it dripping. It id exactly in the middle of the car front end. (Like when looking under the hood, the center down).
Any clue here. It is bugging the heck out of me.
I went and talked to someone and they asked me if I had the "defrost" on with the A/C off. Said that may cause water to drip. I looked again at the trail of the drops and this time it lead to the muffler when I backed into a parking spot. It is not dripping from the tail pipe. I see drips from one of the ends of the muffler itself where the seam is. It is a new one. So.......... is that bad for that to happen? I just do not understand why I see the drips from front end too. And the raditor drip and this drip is like the same pattern LOL
Also, my car chirps and I believe it is the serpentine belt from the alternator wearing down. Car has 3 belts I think. I had the top pulley looked and and cleaned and barrings were okay. Belts okay at looking at them but I was told that this alternator belt is wearing down which causes the chirping that get's louder and louder.
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If the coolant level is not dropping don't worry about it.The hvac system may drip water after turning a certain way or a rain water drain may be letting the water drain.I don't really condone taste testing automotive fluids it is unhealthy and should not be done.
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Thanks and yes, your right about taste testing. I would never do that with other fluids and I knew it had to be water.

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