CV Boot Replacement


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Lightbulb CV Boot Replacement


I took my car in for an oil change and the mechanic said that he saw a small tear in my CV Boot and he recommends it being replaced. What could cause the CV Boot to get a tear?? I have a '97 Honda Accord. Is this something that I should address quickly?? What is a fair price for this service??


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Replacing axles because of busted boots is typical on all asian cars. It usually occurs around 90k. Most of the time the cost of a rebuilt axle is around $85 and about the same in labor. Its not a danger now but soon all the grease will come out and the joint will start failing. Usually you will hear it clicking on acceleration or turns at this point.
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Thanks for replying John! So for what you are saying it is pretty standard to have these replaced from just regular wear and tear?? Now that I am thinking about it, I made a pretty hard 90 degree turn one day about 2 months ago to avoid hitting someone and I am wondering if that had anything to do with it?? Should I just replaced the side w/ the torn CV boot or do both sides now??


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If you plan on keeping the car do both sides.
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It is fairly common for the cv boot to tear over time. It is Not always necessary to replace the axles tho', even if the mechanic says so just because the boot has cracked and leaked the packing grease etc. Since you just noticed this, I presume there wasnt much grease in and around the wheel, so just replacing the boots would be sufficient.
When my boot went, I did replace both boots, but the axles were fine and didnt need replacement.

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