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Using vegetable oil as an alternative of diesel

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09-14-04, 11:31 AM   #1  
Using vegetable oil as an alternative of diesel

Hi Everybody this is my first post so I hope you can help me
I just saw a video where a guy was using used vegetable oil as an alternative to diesel in order to reduce his fuel bill. The thing is that in the video they said he just had to buy some "equipment" in order to install an additional fuel tank to his car and a switch which will cut the flow of one of the carburants (either veg oil or diesel) to the engine and allow the other one get into the engine. They said he found everything in the DoItYourself site of the Internet. Id like to now where can I find the "switch" because I already have the second fuel tank and, of course, the source of used vegetable oil. Thanks everybody

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09-14-04, 03:14 PM   #2  
My first thoughts are how much a new diesel engine would be or new injectors and pump or all the above plus some.This of course would be after the vegatable oil ruined those parts in short order.Want to know the biggest killer of diesel injectors?Poor fuel quality or fuels with higher mineral contents.So my guess is your free or low cost oil will be full of salt(mineral) or sugar(also bad) from the food cooked in it or chunks of food.If your vehicle is under warranty it won't be any more.Kinda like the propane power kits out there blowing holes in diesel pistons yep lots of power till she blows.That isn't a valid warranty claim either.This of couse is just my opinion so maybe someone else will chime in.

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09-15-04, 04:24 AM   #3  
bio diesel...

...is a fine alternative fuel source for diesel engines. notice the term i used...bio diesel. it comes from used vegetable oil yes...but in it's usable form, it's far from plain old fry oil. as Davo accurately pointed out, used fry oil has a ton of contaminants in it. the fry oil must be refined before it is usable as a fuel substitute for diesel engines. like mainstream fuels (gasoline and diesel fuel) it must go thru several steps to reach that usable grade. once refined, bio diesel can be used in a mix of as little as 2% to as much as 100%. the cost in my area where there is a refiner at one of the local universities that does alt fuel research is comparable to what you buy at the pump, but it is more environmentally friendly. the sad thing here is that like other technologies over the decades, the petroleum lobby (as well as others) has WAYYYYY too much clout and to a great degree, controls what we buy.

so...good luck

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