1993 Accord temperature issue


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1993 Accord temperature issue

Noticed today for the first time at stop light temperature gauge would rise close to red line (not over but close). When I would accelerate the gauge would drop to normal.

I'm thinking water pump as I smell coolant after driving but I see no obvious leaks. I havn't serviced the coolant system in this car for a couple of years.

I am planning on flushing the Radiator, new T-Stat, and looking into replacing water pump...in that order as money is tight. Any other insight to issue would be helpful..thanks.
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sounds like...

...you have a leak. if it's the water pump, then fine, replace it. the bottom line is that you need to find the leak and repair it as well as servicing the cooling system. i believe that the WP on that engine is timing belt driven...another thing to consider
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When the engine is cold make sure the radiator is full, and the coolant reservoir is filled to the correct level. If the radiator is low it could be your overheating problem.

If the radiator was not full and the reservoir still had coolant in it then you have either a bad radiator cap or a leak in the system. I assume it is a 4 cylinder but you did not say. The water pump is driven by the timing belt which is to be changed either at 90,000 or 105,000 miles (check the owners manual.) There is a weep hole for the water pump. It may be hard to see and you have to know where to look. Go to the auto store and ask to look at a water pump then you will know where it is. If it is leaking you should see either coolant or stains from the coolant at the weep hole or if the weep hole is behind the timing cover look at the bottom of the timing cover for a drain hole and coolant or stains. If you replace the pump, replace the timing belt also as it has to come off anyway.

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