'93 Lumina APV - 7.5W Gauge Fuse keeps blowing!


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'93 Lumina APV - 7.5W Gauge Fuse keeps blowing!

Greetings -
I own a '93 Lumina APV Van, it's in decent condition. However, the other day, the gauge fuse broke - I have no speedometer, odometer, etc. The lights and signals work fine, but the information panel won't activate. I noticed that the 7.5W Gauge fuse for the APV was burned, so I replaced it, but when I turned on the ignition, the fuse broke again, and does so every time I try to replace it.

I read somewhere that the Choke Relay Panel, located above the driver's right foot, contains a loom of wires that wrap around the steering column bracket, and that the wires can run against the sharp edges of the bracket, causing them to short. I'm not sure, but I think that this is the problem with my APV - Is there any way I can fix it without bringing it in to a mechanic? How do I get at the Choke relay panel, and/or the steering column? Should I use electrical tape to bind a stripped wire?

Please advise -
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electrical short circuits...

...are among the most challenging problems...esp on modern vehicles. i took the liberty of looking in AllData and Mitchell and could find NO reference to a "choke relay panel"...nor could i find any TSB's associated with instrument panel wiring problems.

having said that...diagnosing electrical shorts requires prudent use of the correct circuit diagrams, patience...and sometimes a little luck. you can get under the dash and look very carefully with a flashlight at the wiring and hopefully spot a shorted wire (this would be a most lucky find)...although you could have a short in the cluster itself as well. this then points toward the logical method, whereby you would disconnect the items on the shorted circuit. if disconnecting them still leaves you with the short, then you must begin eliminating the wiring itself. no small task...also, using a circuit breaker instead of 27 boxes of fuses is the way to go...judging by your questions, i'm guessing that this may be more than you wish to get into...it may just be time to bite the bullet and pay someone to investigate your electrical anomaly

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