'98 Ford Taurus SE


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'98 Ford Taurus SE

I have had the transmission rebuilt in the car and had to take it back to the shop because it wasn't shifting properly. The car would redline and when you let off the gas it would shift. The company is going to rebuild it again, but he is blaming an o2 sensor on the breakdown. I don't beleive this is possible. If you could let me know what you think, it would be appreciated. I just don't like it when mechanics lie to me
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An O2 sensor cause a car to not shift,nope I can honestly say I have never seen that happen.An O2 sensor has nothing to do with transmission operation.Sounds like he is BSing you to cover for his mistake.If he meant speed sensor then yes it will cause shifting problems.I don't like when mechanics lie either because it makes professional automotive technicians look bad.Two different names because it's 2 different classes of auto repair people.
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davo's right. o2 sensors deal with the emissions part of the engine, nothing to do with the transmission. sounds like solenoid problem to me. hard to say without monitoring pids and pressures, and checking for codes.

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