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Question auto glass cleaning

i know this isn't really a repair question, but how in the heck do i clean the inside of my windshield and KEEP it clean. i don't smoke and i don't use anything like armor-all on the dash. popular glass cleaners just don't seem to do the trick. i do always use the air-conditioning, and i think this may be the culprit. can anyone help??????? thanks, don
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I use a product called "Invisible Glass" on my windows. Look for it in automotive section at Wal-Mart, etc.

What collects on the inside of the glass comes from many sources which include, but are not limited to: You (the air you exhale) and the assortment of plastics and other man-made products in the upholstery, carpeting, etc, some of which exude gases of one kind or another which collect, among other places, on the inside of the glass.
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Here's a trick that works very well. Get a piece of very fine steel wool. Soak the window and the steel wool with glass cleaner. Light rub in circles until you hit every corner and then wipe it clean with paper towels. You won't scratch the glass and it will lift everything. Try it in a small spot if your leary.
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I just want to add one caution - don't use the steel wool method on the rear window if you have de fogger wires on the glass.

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Does anyone have a good way of cleaning the scratches/smokey marks on a soft top windows?? The top is new, and already the tie-up straps on the rear window have left the glass/plastic window with marks that won't come out. Any product out their that really works on cleaning them. The windows are tinted. Thanks
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Here is a sure fire cleaner.
I use this to remove smoke and the vinyl fumes that cover the windshield of new cars.
1 gal hot water
1 cup vineger
1 cup amonia

This will clean them in one shot.
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Dogman...thanks for the reply...I sure intend to try that mix...sure sounds easy enough to mix up and I'll let you know my results...thanks again
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No problem. This works great. I tried to get cigarette smoke off of my daughters car windows one time and tried 3 different things before this mixture. I tried, windex, orange cleaner, 409 and all they did was smear the stuff around. This mixture took it off in one cleaning. I got it from a bakery I used to work at when I was a kid. They used it on the store front windows. It doesn't streak either if you can get it real hot.

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