smoke condition from under hood- front driver side


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smoke condition from under hood- front driver side

have a 1989 honda accord that recently has developed a smoke condition after the vehicle runs for a short time. my guess is the antifreeze level.. there are no noticeable leaks from underneath, no hose problems, and no other noticeable signs of moisture. Kindly help on this matter ( also, note that there is a boiling sound that is evident after the engine is shut down )
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For starters...make sure the antifreeze level is where it should be. Add proper mixture of antifreeze and water if necessary and check or replace the radiator cap.
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A little more info might be helpful:

1. Does it smoke externally under the hood or out the tailpipe? If out the tailpipe, possible head gasket problem.
2. Does the "smoke" have any particular smell? Coolant leak "smoke" tend to smell sickly-sweet.
3. Does the coolant level drop in the oveflow tank over time and require repeated filling?
4. Any sign of coolant in the oil?

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