Accord '92 starter motor contacts


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Accord '92 starter motor contacts


This is a revisitation of a month-old problem posted here.

The starter motor is failing on my Accord '92 (manual, 2dr LX). This time I am pretty sure it's the motor: a car won't start from time to time, there is a click in the proximity of the starter motor, no attempt to spin. Push start works fine. I've replaced the battery. When it doesn't start, I hit the starter (not too hard) with a hammer, and the car starts after that almost always.

I've asked at the auto shop about the replacement, and they told me that they often replace just the contacts and not the whole starter motor. For Accord '92 though they said they could only replace the whole thing. I went to an online OEM parts seller, and they were offering both starter motors and contacts for this particular Accord model.

Obviously, the price differs: $5 for the contacts versus $180 for a new motor. I am planning to do the replacement myself, and I am confused. Is it possible to replace the contacts in the starter motor for Accord '92 (manual) or should I get the whole thing?

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I would just replace the starter while your starter may be repairable . most auto shops are going to replace the starter with a remanufactured one that is likely available at a local parts store.
if you wish to see about repairing your starter I would suggest taking the starter to an electrical shop that specializes in rebuilding electric motors and starters you may save some money if it is something simple such as brushes or contacts but may not be cost effective for other components of the starter.
or if you are familiar with testing and checking the components of the starter you may try to repair yourself but I wouldnt assume it just needed contacts with out dissasembly of the motor first to see if that is all that is wrong.
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re starter

good advice by bejay replace the whole starter go to your local parts store and get a starter that way depending on the parts store the starter may come with a life time warranty or a partial warranty if all depends on how much you want to spend

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