Can't find the starter in my Cadillac


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Cool Can't find the starter in my Cadillac

I am trying to change the starter in my 1998 Cadillac Deville with a North Star engine. If anyone knows were this could be located i would really appreciate your response.

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It's under the intake manifold!
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Toyotaman is correct but I must ask if you don't know where it is how did you test it to confirm it's bad and not a connection,wiring,park/neutral switch or ignition switch?Check the positive and negative cables at the battery for acid leakage and corrosion.You need to remove it from the battery to check.Could also be a theft detterent problem so be careful throwing parts at it.Verify battery voltage at the starter(big post) and battery voltage at the small wire during attempting to start(key in crank position).Also check the negative cable at the block for being loose or corroded.

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