1986 F150 Problems


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Question 1986 F150 Problems

I'm having problems with my truck and I need help. It's a 1986 F150, single cab, 302 engine. Here is the problem, if I push the gas down too much then the truck doesn't want to go anywhere it acts like it's trying to die. If I try to floor it, it does the same thing but pops where the catylitic converter is. I have changed the fuel filter and pump, did a basic tune up and I just can't figure it out. Honestly I think the converter might be clogging up. If you might know please write. Thanks
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Is it early of late 86? One ihas a carb and the other is injected. That would help us greatly. If it is a carb model you should change the accellerator pump located on the side of the carb. If it is injected there will be other issues.
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It's a lariat if that helps on the early or late 86, and it's fuel injection, dual tank. I hope this helps with the question I asked. Sorry I didn't mention it earlier.
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do u know how to run codes via self test? Something may show up for u there. i had an 86 but, but i cant remember which 2 wires have to be junped to do it.
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Not really but if you tell me somewhat of how to do it then I can either find out or I can figure it out.
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ok, there is a plug lying under the hood, on right fender, where the scan tool plugs in. its gray and has 6 terminals. you have to take a jumper wire and hook 2 teninals together. i dont remember which 2, but i know 1 end goes in top row and other end goes in bottom row. Then turn on key, the emitions lite will flash to read codes. if for some reason the lite wont flash(mine was stuck on) u can plug a test lite in 1 of the other terminals and the test lite will flash. by the way when u turn on the key, mine made a 1 second growl sound when hooked right. good luck
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It's the right top terminal (2 in row)
And the second from the left bottom terminal (4 in row)
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thank you i will try to do the test as soon as i can
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you should have the exhuast system checked to make sure it isnt restricted most exhuast shops can do a back pressure test.
other things to check would be the coil wire as they are known to corrode at the terminal ends and if bad enough will cause similiar problem.
also recomend checking fuel pressure while driving the vehicle to see if its losing pressure even though you have replaced the fuel pump and filter did you know this truck has 3 fuel pumps one in each tank and a high pressure one on the frame and alot of older model fords even have 2 fuel filters a paper one in the canister at the tank selecting valve and an inline one.

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