Ignition switch problem


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Ignition switch problem

Have 1993 Ford Escort S/W, 1.9L,Standard Transmission. Wife use to carry heavy key ring and may have damaged the ignition switch. Vehicle starts but will not shut off in any position. Now I have to disconnect the battery and each time I try to start Iconnect the battery and the system resets. Can't leave the battery connected as the dash indicators stay on and drain the battery. Am I looking at a new ignition switch or any shortcuts. Any advise on installing a ignition switch would be appreciated.
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I just had to do this on my 98 Grand Caravan, and it was very easy. Go to your auto parts store and look in the Haynes manual for your car - it should explain it to you.

I had to get the new cylinder from the dealer and paid $25 for them to key it to my car key (I'm sure a locksmith could have done it cheaper) but it took me about an hour or so to change mine over. It should have taken less but I was not able to follow their directions 100%.
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This vehicle you have to take off the steering wheel (no air bag whew)
The upper and lower column covers
And the "multi-function" switch assembly
Then you can get to the cylinder mounting screws
I seem to remember two screws being difficult to get to, but I can't remember if its these two or not
It's not bad but you have to go slow as to not break any plastic tabs and figure out which screw holds what
And don't put the steering wheel back on upside down! lol

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