fuel leak in my toyota 4runner


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fuel leak in my toyota 4runner

First of all thanks to toyotaman for all the help. MY engine surging at 2000RPM turned out to be a faulty TPS. Thank god i didn't buy computers or AFM's. But to my next problem, I have a small fuel leak, in terms of one drop every 3-4 seconds, at the end of my fuel rail. I have a 22re in my truck, and on the radiator end of the fuel rail, after it passes by all the injectors, it takes a turn down to the ground, where there is a fuel line headed back to the tank. So I'm thinking fuel pressure regulating, returns extra fuel back to the tank,It has a banjo nut type rig on it, but instead of a normal nut/bolt, this thing has a valve lookin piece on the end of the bolt. So I go to my local auto parts store and order the fuel pressure regualting valve, made sense. Not the same part. I need some help finding out what this thing is exactly so i can get another one.
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If it has a 1/4" hose with a clamp it is the pressure regulator. If it has a small screw in the middle of the diaphragm (might have a plastic cover over it) it's a pulsation damper.

Are you sure its not the washers leaking?
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definitely no hose, probably lookin at the pulsation damper(kind of my second guess). it was leaking originally from the hole in the center of the valve piece. After multiple removals and installations, i am gonna need what looks like copper o-rings. I'll order it, thanks.

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