Very strange tapping/rattling sound


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Very strange tapping/rattling sound

Yet another problem...The car has now developed a really weird tapping/rattling sound...It's most noticable at idle.
The motor is a Ford 302, bored 0.030", B303cam, Holley 600dp, 1.7rr's, dual plane intake maifold...

It almost sounds like a minor rod knock or a small repeated backfire something like that; i've done the old "screwdriver to the ear to the valve cover" trick and all 8 cylinders sounds perfect so i'm suspecting it's NOT the valvetrain...i pulled the distributor cap and there was a decent bit of moisture in there which i cleaned up, and the problem is obviously still there...if i were to guess as to where it's coming from based on sound i want to say it's coming from the carb, but since it increases speed with rpm i don't see how it could be coming from there?...I also suspected maybe an accessory so i pulled the belt and nothing changed there either...
so so far i've ruled out valve train, distributor, accessories...and i have no idea what else...i'm affraid to drive it incase it's more serious then i thought?

help please!

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This might be a tough one. Try checking out the air intake---all the way from the inlet, through the filter, and all the way to the throttle body. It might just be something loose in there that rattles around due to the airflow. Good Luck
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Problem solved...Exhaust leak at the header...Thanks though!

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