Transmission Problem


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Transmission Problem

My wifes car 1994 Mitsubishi Eclipse (Automatic) seems to be having transmission problems. It started downshifting abruptly one morning when I would let go of the gas while slowing down. That evening it would not upshift into a higher gear and it also would take a little while between the time I would shift into reverse and when it would actually be in gear.

I had it towed to my house where it hasnt moved for about a week (busy at work, had a spare car) I had to move it the other day and it actually up shifted although the engine sounded horrible. There is a constant noise coming from the engine (sounds like a medium to high pitch buzz.) Im not really a car expert...any suggestions on what I should do would be appreciated. Is there anything I can do before bringing it somewhere. In all likelyhood I am going to trade it in soon but I would like to be able to fix it if the problem is not a big one. Thanks again.
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didnt know if anyone saw my thread...sorry for the bump
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have you...

...checked the fluid level yet? if not, you should...low fluid level can cause noises. that thans doesn't hold much fluid, so if it's low, it could possibly be it off and see what it does. if the fluid level is ok...smell it...if it looks dark and smells nasty, the tranny is going away on you. those transmissions won't take much could also drop the pan and look at what's in there...anything besides fluid is abnormal.

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