'91 Lumina Won't Turn Over


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Question '91 Lumina Won't Turn Over

The serpentine belt broke on it recently, and I replaced it. I also replaced the battery. Now the engine won't turn over, and it acts like the battery is dead. I tried jump starting too, and that didn't work. I checked the charge in the battery, and its 100%.

I'm guessing that one of the pulleys is frozen, and that caused the old belt to snap. Is it possible that the battery doesn't have the power to crank the engine over with a new, tight belt on it? If so, once I find the pulley that's frozen, how do I figure out what part it belongs to?
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'91 Lumina won't turn over

Had same problem with my 1993, it was the AC compressor locked up. Pull the belt off, and try to turn all pulleys over by hand.
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Thanks for the response.

It's an awfully tight fit around those pulleys, how can I be sure the one that's stuck is the A/C compressor? I've looked all over, but I can't find an engine digram.
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Take the belt off and see if it starts and if it does then shut it off and start checking pulleys.

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