Wheres my oil going??

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Wheres my oil going??

I have a 91 jeep wrangler 5sp. 6cyl and I do my own oil changes. I seem to lose about 1/2 qt of oil and I can't figure where its going. No leaks that I can see..(I put some cardboard under the jeep)..its not dripping where I can see it...no blue smoke from tail pipe...Sometimes it will go 2000 miles until I need to add 1/2 qt of oil....sometimes 300 miles...I just don't know why I'm losing the oil at all. Any ideas??
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Well you've got a big 6 in there right?
On most larger domestic engines the tolerences are a little looser and losing a quart every 3K when newer is considered normal, and now yours has got alot of wear inside
On a 13 year old Jeep 4.2 or 4.0 it would be pretty common to lose more
It's slipping past worn rings and such
It's not a worry really, just annoying
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Don't know where I saw this, but it seems to me I read or heard somewhere that the manufacturers wouldn't consider it a problem unless it was more than a quart in 1000 miles. Anybody confirm that?
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I had a car years ago that used 1 qt. every 200 miles. (yes 200 not 2,000) It had no leaks and did not smoke. The spark plugs looked fine. The engine was worn out. Apparently it was burning the oil so evenly among the cylinders that it did not foul the plugs or make any smoke that you could see from the drivers seat.
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Thanks to all who replied....I just wanted to make sure I didn't have a problem that I should be conserned with...sounds like normal wear & such at this stage. The jeed has 132000 miles on it, and I'm trying to stay ahead of any possible problems in advance. Thanks again

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