Maybe O/T: Paint, and removing GRAFFITI!


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Maybe O/T: Paint, and removing GRAFFITI!

Hi all, hope everyone's machines are running well, or on their way to it!

Have a question about automotive paint, here's the situation:

'94 Isuzu Pickup truck, which is a spare vehicle we keep parked out in front of our house for just occasional use. Just got a call from the wife, who decided to drive it to work today...she says someone has spray painted the driver's side door, with what appears to be a couple of different colors....nothing major or nasty. just scribbles, about a foot or two across, but still...........ARRRRGGGGG!

Does anyone have a recommendation on alternatives other than having the door repainted? I have a buffer, would it be realistic to try some rubbing compund and try to get that stuff off that way?

The truck is a faded gold/silverish kind of color, by no means a showpiece or anything, I just don't want it to look like an eyesore. Other than staying up the next few nights with my trusty Remington 12-gauge, not sure of what solution would be the best......
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I'd try detailing clay
I have used it on paint overspray and it works well for that
It's a paint cleaning clay detailers use to clean the paint before paste or liquid cleaning, polishing, and waxing
I like Mother's, and I know someone else around here like Clay Magic

If that doesn't work then try buffing w/ a rubbing compound
It's a random orbital right? if it's not you'll burn through the paint
In fact you can burn it with a random orbital if your not careful

I have used oven cleaner (did I just feel a disturbance in "the force"), but that was on commercial vehicles (big box delivery type) that were truly nailed
Clay or buffing were not an option
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you might...

...give your friendly local auto paint and supply store a jingle and ask their opinion. depending on what type of paint your vehicle has on it and what type the vandals used, you may be able to use a light solvent. they may also have other suggestions...
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Thanks for the tips, gents!

Since I have no idea what kind of paint was used, I ended up going the clay bar route...used Mother's as recommended. It worked!, it was very labor intensive...two hours of rubbing back and forth (thank god for Carlos Santana and Ted Nugent!) and slowly making headway, but at least the finish is in great shape....helps if you're ticked off a little bit, too.

But the time spent allowed for many creative ways to think of how to punish the young whippersnapper that did this.....hehe...
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What would Uncle Ted do?
Heh heh...

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