reprogramming j30 keyless entry


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reprogramming j30 keyless entry

when battery is replaced in my infinity j30 keyless entry, the system has to be reset. the dealer won't tell me how to do it as he charges for the service. it requires a sequence of events such as popping the trunk,etc. thanks
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This may have the answers you are looking for.
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unable to view

thanks goldstar,
previously i had found this website but for some reason i am unable to view this. the adobe screen pops up but the viewing area is blacked out. i get an error message regarding a "cs 80 colorscreen". not sure what this is. thanks for the help.
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This is long but is the file I downloaded. Hope it helps.

Keyless Entry Remote - Battery Replacement
Classification: EL95-003
Reference: ITB95-051
Date: September 20, 1995
G20 (P10)
I30 (CA32)
J30 (JY32)
Q45 (G50)
If an Infiniti remote switch assembly (remote controller) fails to operate, or operates intermittently, use the following
procedures to bring it back into proper operation.
NOTE : These procedures are for all applied vehicles except where noted.
Remote Controller Battery Check and Replacement
CAUTION : Do not use a screwdriver or a knife. These tools may damage the cover.
1. Remove the remote controller battery lid with a suitable tool, a quarter works best (Figure 1).
NOTE : If you do not have a 300 ohm resistor, install a new battery and test controller operation.
2. Remove the remote controller battery(s) from the lid (Figure 2).
3. Check the remote controller terminals. Clean and repair as necessary (Figure 3).
4. Use a high impedance volt-ohmmeter and a 300 ohm resistor in parallel to check the voltage of the remote controller
battery. (Figure 4) If 2.5 volts or greater, the battery is O.K. If less than 2.5 volts, replace the battery. (300 ohm resistors
are available from local electronics suppliers, e.g. Radio Shack.)
Remote Controller Battery Part Number
NOTE : Under normal circumstances, it is not necessary to "re-program" the remote controller when a battery is replaced.
Remote Controller "Re-Programming" Procedure
This procedure is used when adding an extra remote controller to the vehicle; when or when replacing the remote controller.
The procedure may also be used to "re-program" a remote controller that fails to function properly after battery replacement.
If "re-programming" a remote controller that fails to function properly after battery replacement, restore the remote controller
"reset" function as follows:
To Program or "Re-Program" the Remote Controller
NOTE :If the customer has more than one remote controller, all remove controllers must be reprogrammed at the same time.
I30 only: Make sue the extended storage fuse (# 40) is installed.
G20, J30, Q45 Models
I30 Model
6. Install the battery onto the lid properly (Figure 5).
7. Install the lid with the battery and rubber ring onto the controller. Turn the lid to the close position. (Figure 6)
1. Make sure the lid cover mark and the controller mark are aligned properly (Figure 6). If not, the plus terminals in the
controller may be deformed. The battery will discharge quickly if the plus and minus terminals are shorted.
2. Do not deform the rubber ring.
8. Press the buttons several times near the vehicle to check their operation.
^ Remove the remote controller battery.
^ Press the door lock button on the remote controller one time.
^ Re-install the remote controller battery.
1. G20, J30, 045 only: Open the vehicle trunk.
2. All models, including I30: From inside the vehicle, close and lock all vehicle doors.
3. Insert and remove the ignition key more than six times within 10 seconds. This will erase any original ID codes from the
control unit in the trunk. (The hazard warning lamps should flash twice in the I30 model only).
4. Enter new vehicle code as follows:
^ Unlock and lock the driver's door inside lock lever one time.
^ Press the door lock button on the remote controller one time. This will enter the vehicle ID code into the remove
To Program Additional Remove Controllers
(continued from previous instructions, steps 1-4)
A maximum of four remote controllers can be programmed to the vehicle. Any attempt to enter more will be ignored.
In all cases, test the remote controllers for correct operation with the ignition key "OFF' and removed.
NOTE : The "beep" function in some Infiniti keyless remote controllers was deleted during the period 3/94 to 5/94,
depending upon the model. After 6/1/94 production, no Infiniti remote controllers have a "beep". If a customer requests a
remote that "beeps" when the buttons are pressed, the replacement remove controller should not be charged to Warranty.

Remote controller replacement due to customer abuse, purse/pocket damage and/or loss is not covered by Warranty. The
replacement of the remote controller battery is also not covered by Warranty. These are "customer pay" situations.
^ Turn the ignition key to the "ACC" position.
^ Press the door lock button on the remote controller one time. (The hazard warning lamps will flash twice again.) This
enters the vehicle ID code into the remove controller.
5. Manually unlock the driver's door, then lock again with the door lock knob.
6. Press the door lock button on the additional remote controller once.
7. Turn the ignition key to the "OFF" position (I30) and remove the key to test remove operation.
8. Complete ID enter mode by operating the driver's side door.
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j30 keyless entry

thanks again, goldstar. i printed the procedure from your message.

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