ford resto advice needed


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ford resto advice needed

i am getting ready to start a complete overhaul of my 88 full size bronco
(351w with aod 4x4) and have many plans but a lot of questions starting with the engine and drive train i have a 351w from an 86 that is healthy but carbed and i have a recently rebuilt older 351m witch would be better updating the intake on one of the others or having the existing one rebuilt ?

second i am thinking about replacing the factory locker from the rear(8.8) with a ford racing locker setup and adding one to the front is something i have been wondering about as well

i use the truck as a work/tow vehicle in the addirondack mts and as a fun truck in additionm to a daily driver so dont want it wimpy or as an all out rock crawler any advise is appreciated
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Don't discount the W because it is carb'd
Also don't discount the value of the...dare I say "rare" 351M
The fact that you know there is a difference should help in your choice
It sounds like you want torque
Any fun or haulin' truck needs torque at the expense of HP

By updating the intake do you mean the (lower) intake manifold, or the whole shebang (upper, lower, fuel rail, and now computer) to EFI?
You could gain torque by changing the intake manifold on a carb'd engine
Updating to EFI is a good idea but not cheap

The locker...The FRPP products are for a specific consumer
I personally don't think that is you
That doesn't mean it won't work or you won't love it, I just think a FRPP locker won't help you for your needs

As for putting one on the front...
I haven't run across anything like that

Offhand, I would say modify the W for more torque and put the M up for sale for some 'stang restorer who will appreciate the "weirdness" of a Modified 351
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good some one did get my meaning i am thinking the same and yes i do mean update as in takingthe w engine and having it rebuilt with new internals not a bore job unless needed but thinking about polished intake and heads the intake i plan to use is from a 351 lightning efi
any ideas on increasing torque?
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I think using Lightning intake and heads and converting to EFI sounds like a good idea
It's gonna be a little work and some $ though
Check your FRPP catalog or tech line for any compatabilty problems

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