Anyone familiar with a '92 Cavalier?


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Anyone familiar with a '92 Cavalier?

I am going to replace the clutch slave cylinder on my 1992 Cavalier. Unfortunately, the engine/tranny design places the back end of the slave cylinder against the subframe, near the engine mount point on the driver's side. This means that in order to fully remove the slave, I need to lower the engine with respect to the subframe about 3/4"-1" (I can pull the slave about 1" out right now, but the pin is left inside the tranny and I can't get the whole thing out). The slave cylinder removal process in Chilton's involves lowering the entire transmisssion, which seems like quite a task for such a simple job. When I talk to repair shops, they tell me it will take about 1.5 hours of labor to replace the whole thing (master and slave). Something doesn't add up for me.

Is there an easier way to get the slave out and replaced than to remove everything? Is it possible to put the car up on stands, support the engine/tranny with a jack, disconnect the mounts, lower it just enough to replace the slave then remount the engine? Is this likely to bend some part of the drivetrain? Any other ideas? Can a repair shop really do the whole job, if it involves removing and replacing the tranny, in 1.5 hours?

Thanks again!
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repair shops...

..are in business to make 99.9% of the cases, they can do it in the standard time...but no...they aren't removing the tranny and replacing it in 1.5 hours

to answer your question about disconnecting the mounts and lowering slightly...if that's what has to be done. it's more difficult doing it with jack stands and a floor jack than with a lift and jackpost...but it can certainly be done that way...and long as you move the minimum amount necessary, you won't bend anything in the drivetrain
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Thanks. I didn't mean to imply a repair shop would rip me off, only that I can save about $250 by doing it myself. At my current salary, that's a lot of money!

Would you recommend putting the car on jackstands and lowering the engine, or using ramps? I would think jackstands are a better choice, since the wheels and other drivetrain components would already be lowered, compared to the frame and engine. Maybe it doesn't matter. Thanks again, you've been a great help!
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