Battery Drain


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Battery Drain

I have a 95 S-10 2.2L Automatic. I just replaced the Alternator in my truck after it went bad. After the install I had the battery charged and tested everything was ok. Two days later went to crank the truck nothing happend. I hooked up my DVOM to the battery and got a reading of 6.6 volts. I am going to take off the alternator today and have it checked. What else should i look for? The cables look good. Thanks for your help any information would be greatly appercaited.
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i question...

...exactly by what method the battery was evaluated. there are good ways and bad ways practiced out there. the most advanced and accurate way to determine a battery's ability to supply electrical power is by conductance. find someone who uses a midtronics battery tester, recharge that battery and have them test it. next...something may have drained it...including your "new" reman generator. some rebuilders are notoriously cheap as to what they put in their reman units. could have something staying on in the vehicle that drained the battery
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It may be that something is draining the battery when the car is off. Are there any accessories that draw power with the car off? Cell phone charger? Car alarm?

A silly thing to check, but worth a try, is the cigarette lighter socket.

I had the same problem as you did - battery draining for no apparent reason. Had to jump start the car and drive it to Sears. They checked out the starting and charging systems and told me there was nothing wrong. Two days later the car wouldn't start. I had removed the cigarette lighter to plug in my cell phone charger. I had unplugged the charger, but, somehow a dime had fallen into the lighter socket and was shorting 12V to Ground. The dime was actually fuzed to the side of the lighter socket. I had to pull it out with a pair of needle nose pliers. A year later and I haven't had a problem since.

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Thanks for the help. I took the battery to have in checked out at Sears and the battery was bad. It should good on the Auto Zone tester but bad on the Sears tester. I wonder Why?
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