Dodge caravan oil leak


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Dodge caravan oil leak

1997 dodge caravan, mothers car.
The person who did the oil change on this car overtorque the oil drain plug. I could not open it so I had to use 25" cheater bar + extension. Struggle for hours. The drain plug felt like it was torqued around 90 ft/lb. Took the bolt out & inspected it. Did not find any gasket (all my others cars do have metal washer gasket between, for this car I did not find any)

Since that time, I been having oil leak problem.
My question is that do I need a drain plug gasket for this car? I was told that most american cars don't need one (due to special design of oil pan drain bolt)

Is there something I can do to stop the leak? Should I Tap a bigger thread? change the oil pan?

thanks in advance
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call the dealer

and get the correct gasket for the drain plug and go from there...oh...and never take it to that service provider again...
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If it is the 3.0 liter engone there is a seperate gasket! If it is the 3.3 3.8L engine then there is rubber built right on it! Get a new drain plug from the dealer and try that, if that does not work then the oil pan is not hard at all to change out itself. if there was no gasket on the plug when you took it off then that is why it was so tight (having dealt with that myself). I perconally would take it back to where they did the oil change and ask them what they will do about it!

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