Idler Arm Replacement


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Idler Arm Replacement

I need to replace the front idler arm assembly on my 97 blazer 4X4. What tool do I need to remove the threaded stud from I believe it would be called the relay rod?
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Yes, the idler arm has to be separated from the relay rod stud. A standard gear puller should do the trick.

In a pinch I've used a large screwdriver and given it a good whack with a hammer - though not the recommended method by any means. Too much risk of damaging the threads on the relay rod stud.

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If the joint to be seperated will be replaced you can use a tie rod or ball joint seperator (some call it a pickle fork). It looks like a 2 pronged fork that wedges between the tie rod and idler arm. You hit it with a hammer to seperate the joint. It will ruin the rubber boot though. Some auto stores will loan tools when you buy the part there.

If you need to save the joint and do not have a puller get 2 large hammers. Hold 1 against the idler arm where the tapered stud goes througn. Hit the other side hard. A few good hits will often jar the taper enough where you can tap the stud out. Keep the nut on the stud so you do not ruin the threads if the stud is to be re-used. Don't hit the stud to hard if you plan to re-use it.

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