How Do You Find The Codes On The 1990 Honda Civic??


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Question How Do You Find The Codes On The 1990 Honda Civic??

On a Chrysler Lazer I had in the past, I could just turn the ignition switch a number of times and the code number would blink a number of times on the dash (you would count the blinks to see if there was a problem code given).
**** I just bought a 1990 Honda Civic and I don't know how to get it to blink its problem codes or no problem code. If I buy a Honda Civic auto repair book, where would I look in the book to find how to inact the code? It is running fine except for this new 1st gear transmission problem after changing its transmission fluid.... please help. Thank you...
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If I remeber correctly the ecm has an led that will flash codes if any are stored may be located under passenger side floor by pulling back the carpet or may be under a seat I doubt there is any codes if you dont have any check engine or pgm fi light coming on while driving the vehilce.
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asian cars!

they could be funny about extracting codes. there will be a section dealing with engine controls in any decent manual that you buy. you'll get the most complete info with a factory manual...pricey but worth it if you use it much. contact helm inc to see if one is available...or you might try the dealer.

for your car...all you have to do is pull the carpet back under the dash on the passenger side and watch the LED on the ECM. this is only if the check engine lamp is on...the LED will flash the associated trouble code automatically. i read this as saying that there is no long term memory used on these vehicles...if the light (cel) is on, the LED will be doing something/if the light (cel) is off, the led will not be doing anything

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