'85 Buick Lesabre "service engine" light


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'85 Buick Lesabre "service engine" light

"85 Buick Lesabre w/5.0 liter motor.
Service engine light's on; dealer say's this is a system, not odometer driven, function light. Dealer say's it can only be cleared and light turned off by scanning the trouble code(s) and turning the light off ...base price $85........

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not true...

...find the 12 pin diagnostic connector under the dash (left side above driver's legs) take a paper clip and short the 2 terminals together that are side by side (there may be two pairs, but one pair will cause the light to flash) and the code will be read out by lamp flashes...ie, 2 flashes...pause...3 flashes = code 23. each code will be flashed 3 times and as long as the terminals are shorted together, the sequence will repeat. there will always be a code 12, but unless the light is on (check engine light, service engine soon, etc)...it should be disregarded
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'85 buick lesabre "service engine light" on reset

Thank you for the quick response carguyinva ...
I'll check it out, see what codes I get and let you know.
I appreciate the help )
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Thank you...problem gone; sold the car as is
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You could fix all of "your" car problems that way it's the easiest.
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touche' gentlemen! )

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