Is oil leak a big problem?


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Is oil leak a big problem?

Hi folks,

I have a 98 Deville with 200k miles, yep 200k miles. Recently, it leaks 3 or 4 drops oil per day. I guess the engine should be in good shape because it still makes 32 miles per gallon on highway however the guy from autozone said the engine got big problem because of the oil leak. Is it true that my engine is dying? Need I fix it? Is it easy to fix? Thank you so much in advance!

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So many reasons for an oil leak... the simplest cause could be a loose or bad gasket on the oil drain plug. Could be a bad gasket around the oil pan. Could be a warped pan. Could be a bad gasket elsewhere in the engine (valve cover, spark plugs, head, etc.). All of these are relatively minor problems. Then again, it could befluid from the tranny (not sure what tranny you have, or what kind of fluid), a cracked block or something serious. If you can't find the leak yourself, you might condsider taking it to a shop and having it inspected.
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I `d say that it isnt much of a problem if you got 200k mi. on it, it still gives good gasmileage, and doesnt make any odd sounds, it sounds like a regular oil leak from a seal somewhere, besides keeping the oil at proper level (which in your case doesnt leak out very fast) I would say its fine.

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