87 Ford Ignition Module

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87 Ford Ignition Module

One of my trucks .... an 87 Ford E-150 4.9L straight 6 cyl automatic van ... has been towed to the shop 3 times in the last 18 months for "no start" problems. Each time it would crank good, but not start, and EACH time it was ignition module. Could it be bad ignition modules from manufacturer, something causing ignition modules to fail, or .... ? Any clues?
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If you have a TFI module (I think you do) they are notorious for failure
Mostly mid '80s - mid '90s vehicles
Would just die as you're rolling down the highway
Almost became a big, big lawsuit as Ford used TFI for years on many engines
(it may still be in court in Cali)
It got to the point most tow trucks and repair shops woud carry a known good TFI module just because

Is the module they are replacing a rectangular thing on the distributer?
Then that's it

The replacements should be better though...
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it depends alot on what brand module that has been put on the vehilce as there is alot of cheaper brands that just dont last.
also it could be pickup assembly problem depending if the shop you have been taking it to knows how to check it to see if its outputing a signal from the pickup by backprobing the module connector, if they are just throwing a module on it then they may disturb the pickup enough for it to function again as the module pins push directly into the pickup assembly.
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Many thanks for the quick and great responses .... I'm going to get that pickup changed ASAP ... it is the original. Ran tests ... only code is 11 for pass. Thanks again, TheCzar
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A tired coil with excessive amperage draw will contribute to or cause that also. The module is just a switching device so if too much current flows through it, it can fail.

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