1989 Honda Integra transmission problem


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1989 Honda Integra transmission problem

1989 Honda, Integra won't shift into Drive. 2nd and 3rd are OK. Just had water pump and timing chain replaced. Was working fine for years.
Now being told must buy a new transmission. Help! Please!

My mother-, and father-in-law have a 1989, Honda, Integra. They have had it a long time and have always taken good care of it. It recently started making a " noise".

They took it to their mechanic, whom they have used for years. They trust him and believe him to be reliable. The mechanic said the noise was the water pump going out. He replaced the water pump and the timing chain.

Now the car will not let them shift into [D]rive. They can only shift into [2]nd or [3]rd. They are being told by someone (I don't know if it is the same mechanic) that they need a new transmission. They said that they have never had trouble with the transmission before. They said it was working perfectly when they drove it to the shop.

They are both in their late 80s and cannot afford a new transmission.

What could have been done or undone to produce this result? Any
suggestions or help you can give us will be very gratefully appreciated.

I am sorry I do not have more technical information about this car. It is in New York and I am in Utah. I have asked them for the necessary data but they really do not know what to tell me. If you need more specifics, please tell me what I need to ask them and I will try to get it from them.

Thank you very much.

Roger Kelm

[email protected]

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ok first when you say wont shift in to drive do you mean the shifter it self will not move in to drive posion or when car is moving the trans just slips and the car wil not go ??
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Honda Integra Transmission problem

Thank you for your reply!
They told my wife that "It won't "go" in [D]rive." - it only "goes" in 2nd.
My wife does not remember if they mentioned 3rd.
When she was talking with them Saturday - I only heard her half of the conversation. But I got the impression that it was only having trouble
with [D]rive.
Thank you again.

I can try to call them later today and see if I can get more details.
Also, I am sorry if I am not doing this right. This is my first try at using this forum.
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not a problem get a bit more info and let me knot if it is the shift leaver that wont physically move in to Drive or the car wont move when put in drive

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