Carbon on da Pistons


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Carbon on da Pistons

What is the best way to remove the carbon build up from the top of pistons?
They are out of the vehicle and on my workbench.

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With or without removing the cylinder head(s)?

If you don't remove the heads, the best you might be able to do is carefully and slowly introduce some water into the engine through the carburetor or a vacuum line if fuel injected. It works like putting water on a hot frying pan or skillet.

You can also use AC-Delco X66(A) available at GTM dealers. You can get in a liquid or spray form. I've used it two ways. One by slowly spraying it in the carb or through a vacuum line while the engine is running about 1800 RPM. Second, I've pulled the plugs and sprayed a small amount on top of the pistons and let it sit for awhile to dissolve the carbon.

Either way, be careful you don't go overboard and liquid lock your engine.


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I never tried this but I think if they soaked in boiling water a plastic bristle brush with some dishwashing detergent added to the top of the pistons would do it.Don't use a metal brush you will scratch the pistons.You could also steam it off but I don't know how you would generate the steam.If you know someone at a trans shop I think the cleaner that the trans parts go in would do it also.They are kind of a hot pressure washer.One last option is if you get a gallon of the old carb soak cleaner(not gumout spray)I think it contains lye it will make them clean as a whistle just make sure you rinse them with water very well.You would have to follow the directions on the container for how long to soak.
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try this

Berryman b-12 parts cleaner the kind in a can with a basket/that stuff is great
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Tried boiling one for 15 minutes and then scrubed withe a plastic brush and detergent. Not much improvement and would turn into a full days work if I did all 8. Tried the Berryman's and it works quite well thank you.

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