'73 dodge 400 over heated - your thoughts pls


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'73 dodge 400 over heated - your thoughts pls

Looking at buying a '73 dodge 3/4 ton pickup with 80,000 miles

Owner say's the 400ci V8 overheated - now a mild rod knock ..... bearing damage or?
How do I best determine which rod is making the noise to know whick head to take off to remove the piston.
Your thoughts please

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The engine has been overheated so lets go from there.Why would you even consider repairing one cylinder without inspecting all 8?A used engine would be a better idea but not the best either.A reman engine or a full teardown,inspection and overhaul would be best.But if you pull the plug wires one at a time when the noise changes you have found the cylinder at fault.After you fix it more will be soon to follow after you start using the truck.
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Overheated and rod knock......most likely a piston knock. The piston will gall and deposit aluminum on the clyinder walls. The skirts collapse and the piston is knocking around in the bore because it's now too small.

Time for a reman or total overhaul with cly rebore.
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Thank you gentlemen )
You are confirming what I already suspected ....... just wasn't thinking clearly
So, engine replacement ... will the 318 or 360 (chrysler mid size v8?) bolt right

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