checking for spark at the plugs


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Question checking for spark at the plugs

My car is having starting problems...
I want to make sure the spark plugs are getting the required voltage. One way I thought about doing this was to simply pull the cap on the plug and hold it close to a part on the body while someone else tries to start the car.
I'd like to know if this might be too dangerous to do, and if so, what's the best/quickest way to do this?

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remove plug wire from plug insert a screwdriver and while holding on to the handle of the screwdriver place the shank of the scredriver close about 3/8 of an inch from [ground] something metal on the car and have someone crank the vehicle over while you look for spark.
there is also spark testers that you can buy that the plug wire will plug onto and has a clip for connecting to ground this would eliminate the possibility of you getting shocked.
ive never heard of anyone getting injured from getting shocked by a vehicles ignition system so you could probably do it the way you described but if the car had spark you would likely get shocked.
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ive never heard of anyone getting injured from getting shocked by a vehicles ignition system

just so you know...and even tho the original poster didn't specify the make, moder and year, today's modern ignition systems draw way more current that those of years ago and can be VERY dangerous to test in the manner you described. being shocked today can cause heart arrythmia and damage pace makers...i had a friend that worked in a dealership, a smart ass co worker tried to be a man and absorb the energy from a modern ignition (DIS on a mid 80's chevrolet)...landed his a** in the hospital for 3 days. 8-10 amps @100,000 volts is NOTHING to play a spark tester and forget about screw drivers...that's shade tree anyways
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Thank you for the feedback. I'm going to just go and get the tester you were talking about, probably worth it to me.
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Hahaha....... Come on carguyinva. I was waiting for the follow up post....... if he was still able to type. I've been knocked on my a$$ more than once.

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