Ford Econoline Stranded


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Dave Gordon
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Ford Econoline Stranded

We have a 1983 Ford Econoline F350 truck for TV production. The beast is stuck at the station and we have a shoot tomorrow @ 7 AM. Others on working on it, but I thought I would try modern technology to help:

We can't turn over the engine. The starter works, gas goes to the cylinders, but it simply won't turn over. We just bought a new coil. There doesn't seem to be any spark coming out of the coil--but we are using the old wires.

Took off the rotor, looks clean--a bit corrosion on some of the contacts. Rotor cap looks good inside. Battery holds plenty of cranking power-

Any tips before we off load all the cameras and torch the van for the evening news?

We're a very samll TV station--cable TV--so we're seeing how far we can go before calling in the mechanical calvary. Thanks a million.

Dave Gordon
Olympia, WA
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If it's the original engine it must be carb'd and have a mechanical fuel pump
It couldn't have tested OK for fuel @ the cyl. w/o turning over
Also how do you know the starter is OK if the engine won't turn over?
Did you remove it?
Do you mean it turns over (chugs) but doesn't catch?
Also do you know what engine?

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