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Hi -

1988 Camaro, Vin E, Throttle Body Injection, 305 Cid

Today I went to start my car and got the ominous


Then, on the next turn of the key, it started fine. Is there any information specific to this model that I need to know? Problems, peculiarities, or other info?

Just at face value, I'm thinking starter solenoid, and hopefully not (shudder) teeth missing from my flywheel. Also, I seem to remember this happening once before about a year I looking at a "sunset" failure over then coming months? If I do replace it, anything I need to know about shimming, etc? What model should I replace with?

Thank you in advance for your help!

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If the flywheel isn't damaged replace it with an A/C Delco reman now before you destroy the flywheel.DO NOT buy house brand alt or starters at chain stores if you are keeping the car more than 1 week.They do sell better quality parts also so I suggest you spring for quality over price.

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