Can a fuel gauge sender be fixed?


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Mike Burdick
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Can a fuel gauge sender be fixed?


Can a fuel gauge sender be fixed? Well...this unit is on a Massey Ferguson 65 tractor and this category was as close as I could get.

The problem is that the resistive wire is broken and I was wondering it anyone knew where I could get some replacement. The gauge is 30 to 240 ohms.

Thanks in advance…Mike
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I've never heard of resistive wire. Are you sure its not just normal wire? Or you talking about wire inside the sending unit itself?
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Mike Burdick
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It's the wire inside the sending unit. Basically it's a variable resistor where, in my case, it has values from 30 to 240 ohms.

The reason I need to repair it is because the manufacturer doesn’t make a replacement anymore.
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I would not try to repair it. One spark from a bad repair could send it and you to M - F heaven.

Why not a universal replacement. J.C. W*** the Chicago auto parts catalog house has a sender for $ 17. You may need to buy a matching gas gauge but should be able to solve your problem relatively easily.
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I agree with Goldstar. There's nothing you can do if that resister gets a break in it. There are many universal type floats that can be adapted to that tank. Try the marine suppliers also. Just find something that matches the tank depth.

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