85 RX7 no start


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85 RX7 no start

I have an 85 RX7 with the 12a motor it has sat inside for the last four years. Anyway it just won't start!!! It will spin but no start, I should say that it was carbon locked and I loosened it with Amsoil Power Foam. I put new plugs in, tested all the wires and both coils with my meter and all is well below the limit. I have lots of spark, it's not a fuel issue I am getting lots of gas. I am sure I get compression because I feel it with my hand over the open plug hole as the engine was cranked (normal tester don't work on rotary). I even had a small flame come out one plug hole that was open which to me indicates combustion. It just won't catch. I have tried all the tricks like oil down the carb to increase compression...nothing. I tried quick start.....nothing. I tried fresh gas down the carb...nothing. I know as much about rotary engines as I do Quantum Physics so any ideas are greatly appreciated...Thanks
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I forgot to mention it is a 5 speed tranny.
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Don't cram too much crap in there, especially oil. Make sure you're getting the right fuel pressure, and that the fuel is actually making into the carb. They can certainly clog if not used that long. If its has been sitting there for 4 years also, I would drain the fuel lines and tank and start with new gas. That old gas won't burn worth a crap, and it will really sludge up stuff.

I'd say to clean out the carb with cleaner. There's probably alot of gum all over it.

If you have the spark plug out, there shouldn't be flame in that plug hole, because there's no reason for it to ignite. The only other thing I can think of to check is engine grounding. You can temporarily get some jumper cables across the engine and ground, just to be sure.
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I dont know if your still watching this thread but i had a similar problem. What it turned out to be was low compression. On the Mazspeed website www.mazspeed.com there is a detailed description of how to use ATF to get your Apex seals working again. It is under the Facts section. This is what did the trick for me. It also increased power output considerably. Although I let mine sit for longer than 24 hours. And Ive heard it works alot better if you let it sit 48 to 72 hours. Hope this helps.
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If you are still watching this thread. I also have an '85 rx7 this happened to me once. All I had to do was crank it without the choke. Tried and tried a million times to start it but nothing, then I tried it just by stepping on the gas peddle and it started. But I would definitely get rid of that old fuel. Good luck dude!!!
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