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I want to change to a larger engine, from 2.8L tothe next larger size Liter.
I have a 2.8L, with 5 speed standard shift transmission. Can I do that without any major problems?

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I have seen retrofits up to 5.7L in these
its allot of work you need wiring and ecm for appropriate engine
not sure if trans needs to be changed or not probably
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A 3.1L or 3.4L from certain years of Camaro/Firebird are the same externally... except they have no provision for a mechanical fuel pump, and you may need the matching flywheel since the balance or crank bolt pattern changed.

Front wheel drive versions have different block mounts and the starter mounts to the wrong side of the block.

3.8L (Buick) and 4.3L V6's are different engines entirely. the 3.8L never came in the S10, so mounting it is an issue. The 4.3L uses a transmission with a different bolt pattern.

A v8 has good cost/performance value. Have seen it done numerous times. More work with AC though. Also have to change the transmission for this.

Hope this helps
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Installing anything other that the original engine is going to have its own difficulties. There are no other engines that I am aware of that are exactly the same as the 2.8L. Your truck also came with a 4.3 in other models and that swap is quite easy but will require the correct wiring and ecm as previously noted. The small block conversion is not a real easy job, but it has been made easier due to the kits that can be purchased. It is rather expensive to complete and can be a problem if you live in a state with emissions testing requirements.
Hope this is helpful to ya,

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