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saturn odometer

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10-08-04, 05:47 PM   #1  
saturn odometer

I have a 2000 L series with a broken odometer. I want to trade it in will it be accepted?..... or how could I fix it cheaply. I was quoted a price of $400.00 for just the part. I was hoping I could go to the junkyard and get a part. Is this a possibility. There was a short in the steering column and I think this may have caused the problem. I would really appreciate some advice. maryellen

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10-09-04, 11:04 AM   #2  
I don't see any reason why a car lot wouldn't accept it as a trade in. They will probably knock your trade-in value down accordingly (not that they aren't already going to make $ on turning it around for resale). I wouldn't volunteer the information that it doesn't work; the reason you get so little for trading cars in is there is leeway for that sort of thing in the first place. $400 sounds a little steep for a new one. I had to replace the speedo head on my wife's Camry a couple of years ago and it cost me $200 (although I had a "connection"). You can check a junk yard, but don't be surprised if you have to pay a premium price there, too; plus you will have to do the R&R on the car (during which you'll want to be REAL careful because you'll be working around the steering whell airbag which is capable of taking your head off).

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10-09-04, 01:32 PM   #3  
You should be able to trade it in they will not be able to sell it without the odometer working.If you change the odometer with a used unit from anywhere you will be in violation of federal laws regarding tampering.Mileage must be accurate and cannot be changed without affixing a label noting the mileage change to the car.If the odometer(part of the instrument panel cluster)is $400 sounds right if even part of the display is digital.

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10-16-04, 11:32 AM   #4  
I use to have a dodge van that the odo quit working on. I pulled the cluster and took a look, one little gear in the speedo had stripped (lesson learned, NEVER reset the trip meter while moving).

Of course, you can't just buy the one gear, you have to buy a whole new speedo.. dealers price? $500 and the old speedo, so that the mileage on the new speedo could be set to the mileage on the old one.

My solution? Bought a whole new cluster from the yard for $75. It had a few more miles on it than mine, so I just averaged up my miles and when it seemed I was close to the new reading, I installed the new one.

Not sure about your area, but the titles here have a checkbox to indicate if the mileage is accurate or not. No laws broken unless you represent that shown miles as actual. And after 10 years, it's considered beyond it's mechanical limits anyway, and the mileage is irrelevant to anyone but the buyer. (Your state may vary).

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