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Changing Timing belt

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10-09-04, 08:37 PM   #1  
Changing Timing belt

I'm changing timing belt on 97 chrsyler LHS with 3.5L, with about 104.540 miles. Well got everything apart, was putting the new belt back. I align
the marks on the cam spocket between the 2 marks on the engine heads,
and align the crank spocket with TDC as the manual shows, but once you
put the belt on and and tighten the tensioner down, the cam spocket
by the tensioner now points to one of the marks on the head instead of between them, is normal? If not what do I need to do to keep it align between the dots?


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10-09-04, 09:00 PM   #2  
I believe you are still okay you can try moving it one tooth on that cam sproket but it will likely place you outside the marks you might be able to see where the mark would be if you did move it one tooth without actually doing it by just looking at the cam sproket.
more than likely you are as close as you are going to get it right now.
that cam will have a tendacy to turn slightly when tightening the tensioner if it is off a tooth position the mark about a tooth to the right of the marks on the head so when you do tighten up the belt it will be aligned.

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10-09-04, 11:30 PM   #3  
turn the engine over 2 full revultions (untill cam marks come back) by hand and see ware you line up

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10-10-04, 06:27 AM   #4  
You generally have to start aligning marks in a counterclockwise direction starting with the crank so you can pull it snug at the last gear to account for the tensioner play(assuming the tensioner is on the pass side). If you just line them all up and slip the belt over, the play between gears will be taken up by the tensioner and make the last gear off by a tooth. Get the belt snug up to the point of the tensioner with the marks aligned, then release the tensioner.

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Join Date: Mar 2001
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10-10-04, 05:33 PM   #5  
Well after so playing, I finally got the 2 cam spockets dots to stay with in
the 2 dots on the heads. Started just fine. unfortunely I got to this again
soon, water pump is leaking a little, but the parts stores carry the 3 bolt
pump for this car. This car has 6 bolt water pump, which is special order and
runs around $90. I have found couple online cheaper, but couldnt wait till
the pump to come in to put it back together. I guess I get practice, practice
on doing this . Anyway thanks for everyone help.

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