Verification of Timing chain replacement


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Verification of Timing chain replacement

I am about to buy a used Toyota Truck, and the woman who owns it says she just had a lot of preventative maintenance done to the truck. The only thing is that she can't find the reciept for the work. How can i tell if the timing chain has been replaced? She also had the tranny serviced? NOt sure about the water pump.
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If she can't find the receipt have her contact the shop that did the work. If the work has been done, they'll have the records. I'm not sure about Toyotas but many vehicles the water pump is replaced at the same time as the old one has to be removed to access the timing belt. And NO, there is no way to tell by looking at the belt whether it's new or has 80,000 miles on it.

Replacing both is probably a bill in the $400-$600 range with all gaskets, seals, parts and labor. So if she can't produce the records I'd deduct that much from the price. A lot of people don't replace timing belts at the "recommended" interval as that's often 60,000 miles. The owner's manual for the same vehicle, with identical parts, states that the timing belt has to be good for (IIRC) 100,000 miles in California. People reason that instead of spending $400 now at 60,000 miles I'll probably sell it before it reaches 100,000 thereby saving that much money.

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Whether it's the 4 or 6 cyl. it's a matter of pulling off too much stuff to check the chain(4) or belt(6)
You almost have to take out the chain/belt to check it
At that point you might as well put a new one in there
Yeah, see if she can produce records
BTW I don't remember a recommended belt change interval on these engines
Someone around here will know for sure though
What Year and Engine?
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Thanks for the replies. it is a 1994 4cyl. (22RE) 4wd
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It's a timing chain, not a belt. You don't state mileage but I wouldn't be too concerned with that. That chain will usually last well over 150K and will make a lot of noise giving you warning long before it goes.
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Yeah the chains on the 22REs are pretty stout
I've seen one killed before but the owner proudly said he didn't change the oil for the first 50K miles
Yes, he said 50,000 miles
After that he did it regularly
"Every 30K (30,000) whether it needed it or not"
I think the tensioner went first

It's really making the hair on my neck stand on end just thinking about it
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My Toy truck, same year and engine, has 170,000 miles on original timing chain.

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