Auto A/C which side H / L to recharge freon?


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Auto A/C which side H / L to recharge freon?

Hello, have a R134 system, going to reboost it, can someone tell me which side the line to add refridgerant...thanks.
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I don't want to sound smart a$$ but if you don't know it may not be wise for you to try.Refrigerant is a dangerous chemical to the skin,eyes and to breathe in confined spaces.Guages are needed as is experience to know what the readings mean.If you decide to blast a can anyhow the cheapy auto parts kit you have will only fit the low side anyhow.That is unless someone without knowledge did the retrofit which could cause the can to blow up in your face.Please at least get a book that explains the fundementals of automotive a/c operation and service.Then you will at least know the hi from the lo side.
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I second that statement completely. Even ignoring the physical danger, you can do a lot of damage to the compressor if you don't know what your doing. You have a leak that needs to be located and should be repaired first anyway. Let the shop do it.

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