94 Teg..doesnt start..sometimes...


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94 Teg..doesnt start..sometimes...

Hey all, I have a 1994 Acura Integra LS 1.8L DOHC

This problem has happened a couple times (3-4) in the past where the car wouldn't start, it turns over fine but it just doesn't feel like starting. The Distributer has a rattle noise in it but it still works because I had the spark tested and its still sparking fine. we replaced the the distributer cap, plugs, plug wires. The engine runs really strong with compression tested to show it was still a very strong engine for being 10 years old. I was told it was either the Fuel Pump, Fuel Pump Relay or the Distributer. I had a Tech look at it but I couldn't get the stupid thing to act up in front of him. it hasn't happened since yesterday and it's only happened a couple times since i've owned it for about 6 months now.
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there is alot of things that could cause this problem and you really have to perform a few test while it isnt starting such as checking for spark, fuel pressure, injector pulse and you may have to wait till the problem occurs more often before it can be diagnosed otherise you will just be guessing and could get expensive replacing parts that may not need to be replaced.
you should remove your dist cap and check for metal shavings or excessive shaft play by removing rotor and grasping shaft and wiggling in an up and down direction. if excessive play or metal shavings found you should replace the distributer as it will leave you stranded as it gets worse.

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