Transmission Servicing Help ????


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Transmission Servicing Help ????

I plan on servicing the transmission in our 1995 Mustang this coming weekend. I plan on draining the fluid from the pan and torque converter. I will also change the filter during the process.

My questions are:

1- The owners manual states the transmission holds 13.6 quarts. I am assuming this is dry and there is no way I can drain all of the fluid. I bought a case of fluid today (12 quarts). Will 1 case of fluid be enough to refill the transmission or will I need the 2 extra quarts?

2- When refilling, does the fluid naturally flow back into the torque converter or is there another method for refilling?

3- I had planned on adding about 8 or 9 quarts BEFORE starting the engine. Then I had planned on running the engine for a few minutes, checking the level once again and adding enough fluid to properly top off the system. Then if the level appeared OK, I would drive the car 10 or 12 miles and add whatever fluid may be required to complete the refill process. Is this the correct method for refilling?

Thanks for helping a transmission dummy!

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If you just drop to the pan you'll probably only drain about 1/3 of the total capacity of the trans. The torque converter along with the external cooler and lines will still have the old fluid. Which is not bad, if the fluid is changed at the recommended intervals. The only way to remove all fluid is to flush the trans, but for that you'll need a special and expensive tool.
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Fords used to have drain plugs on the converter. If yours has one then if you drain the pan also you should be able to get most but not all the fluid out. Most cars do not even have a drain plug in the trans. pan.

If you can drain the converter and the pan I would check the fluid level befor you start and see if it is full or not. Then measure what you take out so you won't have to guess how much to put back in. The converter will not fill unless the engine is runing. I would add 4 qt. then run the engine for 30 seconds & turn it off add another 4 qt. and repeat untill you have put all but 1/2 qt back in. Then drive the car as you said and top of as needed. Do not over fill. In fact after a 10 mile drive I would only fill to 1/2 way between add and full as the fluid level will come up when the car is driven longer on a hot day with the AC on.
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great advice. while his car may be a v6, he also may have the last of the 5.0's, which i'm pretty sure all had drain plugs on the torque converters.

truthefully, look at your local pennysaver or coupon book, and you can usually find a local shop who'll flush the entire system out for $40 or less, this may be the easier route to go.

Also note, if this trans fluid has not been changed in a long, long, long, LONG time, changing fluid could destroy what's left of that lil aod.

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