99 tahoe will not shift gears. check lights flicker


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99 tahoe will not shift gears. check lights flicker

This does not happen all the time. Sometimes it shifts fine, sometimes the service light comes on and sometimes all the dash lights go out, the speedometer and tach quits working and then it will not shift gears.other times the speedometer and tach flicker erradictly. the reverse still works. first thought was to change the filter, which i did, but that did not solve the problem. if anyone has come across this issue and could help me solve it please let me know. thanks in advance.
Byron Maddox
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I'm thinking of an electric, probably ground problem. That's the most likely explanation for the instrument panel problems, and probably for the transmission problems.

I would also check the charging system.
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Check the battery cable connections first.That means remove and check for corrosion.You may have an ignition switch failure or a poor ground as previously stated.I'll bet on the switch though.Make sure you don't have a remote start or alarm wired into the system.

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