1990 Dodge Caravan Shifting Problems


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Exclamation 1990 Dodge Caravan Shifting Problems

I have a 1990 Dodge Caravan, 4cylinder automatic. It is having problems shifting, it will downshift but acts like it won't transfer the power and actually slows down. The engine rpm's run up but power just won't transfer until I let off the gas a little, then it will shift. Has anyone run into this or have any suggestions? It appears to me that it may be the vacuum module on the transmission (but I don't know if there is one, I can't seem to find one on the transmission or in the repair manual), or if it would be that the linkage needs adjustment. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Pat Rogers
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Your transmission is slipping. The very first thing to check is the fluid level. Check the fluid with the engine/trans hot, idling on a level surface with the gear selector in "N" (I'm assuming you have the 3 speed trans). If the level is good then you are going to be looking at a rebuild. This is an old trans and it sounds like its tired. If the level is low, add until the level is at full hot.

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shifting problems

Pat, sounds like Transman is right, your trans is slipping, probably a 31TH transaxle and the Torque Converter clutch probably pooped material into the govnor causing it to hang up and slip. A removal and teardown sounds like the next step.

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Thanks for the replies, I greatly appreciate it -- even though it's bad news! I was hoping that this wasn't the case because it never seems to have any shifting problems until I'm in the speed range of 40 to 60 mph or downshifting to pass a car or entrance ramp.

Again, thanks for the replies!

Pat Rogers

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