Camry Blower Motor blows fuse


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Camry Blower Motor blows fuse

I have a 1994 V6 Camry wagon. About 10-30 seconds after I turn my fan on I blow a fuse. I removed the blower motor and found a mice nest in the squirrel cage. The car sat for a couple of months. These mice go from my shed to my house and now my car! Anyway, when the wire bundle is plugged in and the motor is resting on the floor of my car it works at all 3 speeds without a problem. When I mount it, it shuts down after about 10 seconds. I found a relacement in a junk yard and the same problem occurs. I asked the Toyota parts person about the problem and he is certain it needs a new motor. I'm afraid to buy a new one that won't be returnable if it doesn't solve the problem. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
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You'll need to check the current draw of the motor to see if it is the problem. I assume the fuse controlling the motor blows.

It's also possible that there is still something in the ductwork either restricting air flow to the motor, or binding the motor.
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I tend to think you either have a bare wire from the mice or more nest material in the ductwork slowing the fan speed and blowing the fuse.
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Thanks for the responses. Yesterday I put a 10 amp breaker (same as fuse) b/c I have blown so many fuses trying to figure out this problem and it has run on all 3 speeds without a problem. I'm not certain I am out of the woods yet. All along I thought the problem may have been restricted airflow since the blower works when it isn't mounted. How do I get in to the ductwork to make sure it is clean?
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shop vac

Have you tried with a shop vac to back blow the ducts?Put the vac on blow and make a good seal around each duct and reverse the air flow.The more air your vac puts out the better.
However you may have a wire shorted.

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