Clunking from rear end - U joints??


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Clunking from rear end - U joints??

Hi all,
I've got a '95 Chevy G20 van, and recently noticed a heavy (loud) clunking sound from near the rear end, driveshaft/u-joints at slow speeds. This typically happens when I take my foot off the gas then put it back on again. When there is a load on the rear wheels, the transmission shifts smoothly through all gears - even under rapid acceleration - with no clunking noises.

I only seem to notice this clunking sound at slow speeds as mentioned above, or sometimes on turns. I suspect it happens on turns too since I'm on and off the gas pedal.

Would I be correct in suspecting a U-joint problem? I did a visual inspection of the u-joints and the rear one looks to be somewhat rust colored. Not sure if that's okay or not. Is there a more practical way to inspect/test?

Or, should I be looking more into the rear differential?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Probably the u-joints..

to check them, engine off, transmission in park or 1st, parking brake set. Slide underneath the van and try to turn the driveshaft by hand (it will only move a little bit) in both directions. If the u-joints are bad you will see the driveshaft moving, but the yokes will stay still.

If the joints are good, then you will get very little motion from the driveshaft, and it will all want to move as one piece. If it isn't the driveshaft, then I'm sure another forum member can help you from there.

Hope this helps!

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