2000 GMC Jimmy Stereo Problems


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Angry 2000 GMC Jimmy Stereo Problems


I hope this is the correct place to post this. This is my first time posting.

Here is my problem, as detailed as possible:

I recently purchased a 2000 GMC Jimmy Diamond Edition. It came with a 3rd-party Kenwood stereo in it which worked just fine until we had an electrical problem that was traced back to the previous owner's custom wiring for the Kenwood. We decided to purchase a factory stereo (Bose) for the system to take advantage of the steering wheel volume controls, etc.

When I plugged in the Bose the clock came on and I could tune stations but there was no sound. Following the wire bundle from the Bose (removing the entire center console) I found the bundle terminated in two plugs, one 24-pin and the other an 8-pin (only 6 pins were used). The previous owner had cut wires at the connector and had wired in off-the-shelf speaker wire and ran it back up behind the dash to the connector for the Kenwood. I removed all the speaker wire and the Kenwood connector and reattached all the cut wires to the connectors making sure to match colours.

I still do not have any sound. The two connectors look like they should plug in somewhere, but I can't find any recepticals for them. I don't know if the cable bundle should've run under the console originally or if the previous owner re-routed it down there to do their hack and slash job. The cable is long enough to reach just about anywhere on behind the dashboard but I can't see any open recepticals.

I suppose my question is: Where does the cable bundle from the stereo ultimately connect to the rest of the system? My orphan connectors have both the lines from the speakers coming in as well as the lines from the stereo, which makes me think it's supposed to plug in to some device that properly connects them. It is entirely possible that the previous owner cut out (or otherwise removed) whatever those connectors should plug in to, but without knowing what I shoud be looking for or where, I'm lost.

Hopefully, this problem can be resolved by someone saying "That cable plugs in to X and it's located at Y". That way I'll know where I should be looking, or what I am missing.

Thank you for your time,

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The amplifier has a 8 pin and a 24 pin connector.Remove the center console to check and see if that is what was disconnected.The 24 should be lt gray and the 8 should be gray if they are the amp connectors.
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Well, since I found nothing at all under the centre console (other than the whole shifting mechanism) I will assume that the previous owner removed the amplifier. I will see if there is a place in my city (Winnipeg) where I can obtain one, otherwise I'll order one online.

Thank you very much for your reply. It was most appreciated.

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